Alkemie is an atelier of creators of performances, installations, and infrastructures that transform spaces beyond what can be expected from mechanical means. Our practice presumes that our social and ecological relations are suffused with ethical and aesthetic value. The material of which these relations are made – and the way that they are made – also matter, ethically and aesthetically.

Josée-Anne  D r o l e t
CEO - Business Development  


Josée-Anne graduated from the Computation Arts program in 2006, after 3 years at Concordia University and an exchange program in the Communication and New Media program at the National University of Singapore.


Being mobile, hospitality, the family enterprises, small businesses, collaborative projects, team sports, creative communities, complex dynamics and alternative economies are some of the foundations of her work.


Former research facilitator at the Topological Media Lab, Josée-Anne always hoped to 'spin off' and deploy decades of combined experience with local, world-class talent in the form of a creative and sustainable business. 

Martin  L a p o r t e
Photography Director - Associate


Martin Laporte is a conceptual multidisciplinary creator who works as an alkemist, cinematographer, photographer, photography director, artistic director. His career spans 15 years in which he has produced images for advertising campaigns in Europe, the United States and Canada. Martin Laporte harnesses his interdisciplinary knowledge to produce imagery that communicates a sense of seamlessness, effortlessness, timelessness that is endlessly innovative. 


He has collaborated with acumen with renowned magazines such as Vice, Purple, Fashion and Elle as a cinematographer, photographer, and art director. More recently he has photographed an avant-garde fashion spread for the Ground magazine. 


His knowledge of space and matter has pushed his print experience into the realm of art installations in museums and galleries. In September 2012, he conceptualized and designed the video content for an exhibition in New York at Milk Gallery in collaboration with the Ground magazine. He has worked with renowned architect Gilles Saucier for the Fine Arts Museum of Montreal exhibit of designer Denis Gagnon. Additionally, he has as created a series of micro-installations and grand scale installations for the Canadian Centre for Architecture.  

Ian  A r a j w o
CTO - Experimental Mobile Development


Ian Arawjo is Alkemie's technical consultant for mobile applications and the technical lead for Alkemie's In Place Technologies Platform. He has several years of experience working with Apple's core iOS frameworks.


As an undergrad he has presented at conferences and designed mobile games and applications for university projects, including a locative media app for display at the Montreal Botanical Garden and an experimental game involving the SpokenWeb audio archive.

Navid  N a v a b
Sound Artist, Composer, Interaction Designer


A graduate of Ontario Royal Conservatory of Music, Concordia University’s Electroacoustics and Computational Arts program, and McGill Music Technology, he has been working for the past several years creating deeply expressive media instruments synthesizing research at IRCAM, CRIMMT, CNMAT, Topological Media Lab and Matralab. Interested in the poetics of gesture, materiality, and embodiment, his work explores the social lives of objects and the enrichment of their embedded performative qualities. Navid uses gestures, rhythms and vibrations from everyday life as basis for real-time sound generation, resulting in augmented acoustical-poetry that enchants improvisational and pedestrian movements.


Navid has collaborated with many great improvisers and artists including Jean Derome, Constantinople Ensemble, Lori Freedman, Vinny Golia, Pierre Tanguay, Coat Cooke, Rainer Weins, Rohan de Saram, Mei Han, Lan Tung , Bozzini Quartet, Mike Svoboda, and Dhruba Ghosh. His investigations, which range from compositions to responsive architecture, urban interventions, theatrical interactive installations, and improv-based performances, have been presented at various festivals and events in many countries. Some venues include Canadian Center for Architecture, Festival du Nouveau Cinema, IRCAM Paris, Electric Eclectics Festival Meaford, Shanghai eArts Festival China, Ligeti Hall MUMUTH Austria, Gray Center Chicago, Mixology Festival at Roulette New York, Western Front Vancouver, CMS Theatre Cambridge UK, Timisoara Festival Romania, CCRMA Palo Alto, Box13 Houston, Prentis Hall New York, Festival international Montréal/Nouvelles Musiques, La Société des Arts Technologiques [SAT], Segal Centre for Performing Arts, Galleri Monopoli ChampLibre Montreal, les Territoires Gallery Montreal, Fashion Night Out [FNO] New York, Pop Montreal, Goethe-Institut Montreal, McCord Museum. 

Jerome  D e l a p i e r r e
Visual Artist, Realtime Video


Jérôme Delapierre is a visual artist and interactive designer working in Montreal, studied Computation Arts and Interactive design at Concordia University as well as Contemporary Arts and new media at IMUS University in France. Currently the artistic director of Active media inc and Anartistic, and a freelance visual designer and researcher at Topological Media Lab and Alkemie Atelier. He has collaborated with different artists and researchers, like Pk langshaw, Sha Xin Wei, Michael Montanaro and Jean Derome, and have been presented at festivals and events in various countries. His research is based on the relationship between human and technology and non-linear interactivity, focusing on the experiences of urban social behavior. He is interested in new ways to create visual sets and environments by exploring eclectic projections techniques. Jérôme work on responsive video, interactive installations, performances and scenography.

Nikolaos  C h a n d o l i a s

M.Sc in Electrical & Computer Engineering 

M.A. Special Individualized Program [INDI]


In Place Technologies Platform, Intern


During his studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering, he has developed strong skills and knowledge in programming and designing software systems. His experience as a volunteer in various European student organizations made him aware of the cultural diversity and the wealth of different perspectives in research and learning. His participation to several collaborative projects as well as many student and artistic groups cultivated a truly collaborative perspective and the understanding of common interest.


His former research experience is in the fields of nature language processing and semantics. His interest has been focused on the research and development in the fields of interactive multimedia, responsive spaces and multimodal applications as an interesting medium of communication. He believes that deepening the work in the direction of performance, and engaging in projects with artists, actors and dancers, gives him the opportunity to reproducibly and rigorously investigate the potential of digital platforms under the demands of live performance.

Laura   B o y d - C l o w e s 

M.Sc Ethnobotany


Word Herder

Laura Boyd-Clowes is a researcher specializing in the cultural and economic aspects of human-plant interactions. She is especially interested in the possibilities of re-vitalizing urban spaces via gardening and performative 'civil disobedience'.  Her work on the adaptive re-scaling of traditional agricultural practices required several months of field research in the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains.


After completing an undergraduate degree in Philosophy at Concordia University, she completed a Masters of Science in Ethnobotany, from the University of Kent, UK. She has worked fruitfully with artists, farmers and academics on a wide range of interdisciplinary projects. 

Collaborators include the Global Diversity Foundation, Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology and the Topological Media Lab.

Julian  S t e i n

composer, sound artist


Currently residing in Montréal, QC. His work often explores musical applications of the everyday with a large focus on intuition and present-experience. Exploring both composed and realtime environments, his work has ranged from multichannel composition and theatre sound-design to collaborative performance and kinetic sound installation. In specific, his work is interested by methods of audio-visual synchronization, phonetics, animal communication, and the urban environment.


Julian is a co-creator of the Montreal Sound Map, and has recently completed a BFA in Music (Electroacoustic Studies) from Concordia University. He is currently affiliated with matralab and the Topological Media Lab, both part of the Hexagram Institute for Research/Creation at Concordia University.

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