Alkemie is an atelier of creators of performances, installations, and infrastructures that transform spaces beyond what can be expected from mechanical means. Our practice presumes that our social and ecological relations are suffused with ethical and aesthetic value. The material of which these relations are made – and the way that they are made – also matter, ethically and aesthetically.

Josée-Anne  D r o l e t
Business Development - Management 


Josée-Anne graduated from the Computation Arts program in 2006, after 3 years at Concordia University and an exchange program in the Communication and New Media program at the National University of Singapore.


Being mobile, hospitality, the family enterprises, small businesses, collaborative projects, team sports, creative communities, complex dynamics and alternative economies are some of the foundations of her work.


Former research facilitator at the Topological Media Lab, Josée-Anne always hoped to 'spin off' and deploy decades of combined experience with local, world-class talent in the form of a creative and sustainable business. 

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