Matter, ethics and aesthetics

Alchemy is the art of transmuting bodies and substances, the quick and the dead, the inert becoming vital, accidentals and essences becoming quintessences. Three-hundred years ago, alchemy was a practical and magical art, concerned with bodies and materials that are always suffused with ethical, vital and material power. Under the prism of the Enlightenment, such practices split into the practical (e.g. engineering or medicine), the scientific, and the art of the imaginary. Our work fuses these arts together again to recast the material transmutation of social relations.

As our communities reel under the strain of the collapse of ‘rational’ credit markets and the general destabilization of systems of exchange that we have taken for granted for so long, there's now a renewed urgency to reposition the value of creating art in society.


Art can no longer only be about me, you, or even us, as if human beings were the only being in the world, because the world changes us as we change the world.

© 2014, Alkemie Atelier Inc.

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